Mark Ross – What is Flow, What Flow is NOT and How to Flow Responsibly (6/2/17)

In this Automation Hour Webinar, MVP Mark Ross provided an encore presentation of his session given at Texas Dreamin’ 17. He explains what flow is, what flow is not and how admins should use flow responsibly.

Here are a few resources to learn flow:

Slides: Presentation Deck

Kothai Sengodan – Automate Opp Record Type Selection and Migrate Date to a Converted Account and Opportunity (5/19/17)

In this Automation Hour Webinar, Kothai Sengodan walked us her use case of switching from a custom apex lead conversion to Salesforce’s standard lead conversion to take advantage of account duplicate rules and reduce duplicate accounts from being created during the lead conversion process. However, she needs to make an opportunity record type selection as part of the lead conversion process. Additionally, they have service locations tied to leads that also needed to migrate to the converted account and opportunity.

Additionally, Kothai covers process builder tips and tricks and common errors.

Slides: Presentation Deck

Bonny Hinners – How to Survey Your Customers via Flow (5/5/17)

In this Automation Hour Webinar, MVP Bonny Hinners walked us through possible solutions for collecting information via a survey from your customers and the ultimate solution using flow embedded in a visualforce page.

Here is a link to the blog post Bonny mentions in the Q&A section of this webinar:

Check out the comments for a step-by-step description.

Slides: Presentation Deck