Mark Ross – What is Flow, What Flow is NOT and How to Flow Responsibly (6/2/17)

In this Automation Hour Webinar, MVP Mark Ross provided an encore presentation of his session given at Texas Dreamin’ 17. He explains what flow is, what flow is not and how admins should use flow responsibly.

Here are a few resources to learn flow:

Slides: Presentation Deck

Bonny Hinners – How to Survey Your Customers via Flow (5/5/17)

In this Automation Hour Webinar, MVP Bonny Hinners walked us through possible solutions for collecting information via a survey from your customers and the ultimate solution using flow embedded in a visualforce page.

Here is a link to the blog post Bonny mentions in the Q&A section of this webinar:

Check out the comments for a step-by-step description.

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Doug Ayers – Chatter Bot Enabling Process Automation (3/10/17)

In this Automation Hour Webinar, Doug Ayers will show you how to:

  • Automatically create records or comment when topics are assigned to a Chatter post
  • Automatically take action when users join or leave a group, like posting a “welcome” message or email
  • Automatically notify File followers when a new version is uploaded rather than waiting for the Daily Digest
  • How to post Chatter messages or comments as any user so your automation is more customized and tailored to your business branding or community moderation.

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Matt O’Hara – Pushing Flow to the Limits with Data Loads (2017/01/27)

Matt discusses taking a business requirement dealing with mass data imports.  He walks us through all of the steps of his problem solving, and we’re able to see the different issues Matt runs into and how he is able to solve them as they come.   This will cover some Visual Flow pitfalls that Matt ran into and unique workarounds will be discovered.

Slides: Presentation Deck

Parker Edelmann – Opportunity Contact Role (01/06/2017)

There is a custom picklist field on Contact called Business Role. This field’s values correspond to the Business Role field on Opportunity Contact Roles, the junction object between Opportunities and Contacts. Your boss wants two things to be done:

  1. When a Contact is created, and the Business Role field is filled out, create an Opportunity Contact Role (OCR) for all open Opportunities that belong to the Contact’s Account.
  2. When an existing Contact’s Business Role changes, update the value of all OCRs belonging to open Opportunities in the Contact’s Account, and create new OCRs for Opportunities that don’t have one for that Contact. Closed Opportunities should not be updated.

Slides: Presentation Deck