Martin Bristow – Automating Approval Processes (3/24/17)

In this Automation Hour Webinar, Martin Bristow shows you automate approval processes using process builder, flow and code.

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Stuart Edeal – Back to Process Builder Basics (3/17/17)

In this Automation Hour Webinar, #GIFSquader, Stuart Edeal shows you:

  • How he understands process – SABWA, sitting with the user as part of their team
  • His use case for resolving opportunity naming conventions
  • How he solved his use case requirements via process builder

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Doug Ayers – Chatter Bot Enabling Process Automation (3/10/17)

In this Automation Hour Webinar, Doug Ayers will show you how to:

  • Automatically create records or comment when topics are assigned to a Chatter post
  • Automatically take action when users join or leave a group, like posting a “welcome” message or email
  • Automatically notify File followers when a new version is uploaded rather than waiting for the Daily Digest
  • How to post Chatter messages or comments as any user so your automation is more customized and tailored to your business branding or community moderation.

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