Optimizing Record-Trigger Flow

The flow engine is ready to handle all of your declarative automation needs – are you? Using programmatic problem-solving patterns, we can fine-tune record-triggered flows for optimal performance and organize the logic to maintain sanity during solution design and debugging endeavors. We’ll explore frameworks for before-save flows (optimized for fast field updates) and after-save flows (orchestrating actions and related record automation). As more automation is moving away from workflow rules and into the flow engine, these tips will ensure you can continue to #AutomateAllTheThings without negatively impacting the performance of your org. Find your future in the flourishing flow frenzy!

Round Robin Assignment Using Flow

Using Flow for Round Robin Assignment. Unfortunately, at this time, while lead and case assignment rules offer many options, there is no Salesforce native solution to assign records in a round-robin style. But no need to fret! Using two flows and a few custom objects, you can learn to build a free, scalable, and internal solution for all your assignment needs. This solution can be used on any object, takes into account users who may be out of the office, and lists of assignment group members can be easily managed by supervisors or users themselves as needed.

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