Optimizing Record-Trigger Flow

The flow engine is ready to handle all of your declarative automation needs – are you? Using programmatic problem-solving patterns, we can fine-tune record-triggered flows for optimal performance and organize the logic to maintain sanity during solution design and debugging endeavors. We’ll explore frameworks for before-save flows (optimized for fast field updates) and after-save flows (orchestrating actions and related record automation). As more automation is moving away from workflow rules and into the flow engine, these tips will ensure you can continue to #AutomateAllTheThings without negatively impacting the performance of your org. Find your future in the flourishing flow frenzy!

Optimizing Record-Trigger Flow

2 thoughts on “Optimizing Record-Trigger Flow

  1. fetch the case records randomly with the sales rep profile user and send 2 case records to sales rep mangers monthly wth record triggered flow

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